Symmetry Solutions offers a variety of workshops to help Deaf and hard of hearing job seekers reach their goals.

Some workshops are a few hours while some in-depth courses are taught over a few days. Workshops can be conducted at the Symmetry Solutions office or at another location, depending on need.

Job Search Techniques

Learn about different job search methods. Build your personal and online network. Learn about information meetings and how to phone companies for more information.
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Interview Preparation

Develop your interview skills by learning how to anticipate and competently respond to interview questions. Learn how to make a positive first impression with your attire and presentation. 
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We will help you tailor your resume for each job you are seeking. Learn how to adapt your cover letter and resume to match job postings and improve your chances of success.  
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Basic Computer Skills

Targeting job seekers with no computer skills, this workshop covers the basics to get started, including an introduction to MS Word.
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Basic Internet Skills

Learn how to effectively use the internet to both search for a job and research companies for jobs and interview preparation.  
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Applying for Jobs Online

Learn how to create digital versions of your resume and cover letter. Then learn how to attach them to an email or online job application.
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Career Exploration

Do you have a career plan? Do you know your skills and interests? This multi-day workshop helps you create an education and career plan to help you reach your goals.  
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Contract Work

Do you want to do contract work? Learn how to become a contractor with a step-by-step planning guide. Network with other participants and brainstorm about contract ideas.  
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Do you want to be self-employed? Learn about resources available to you and how to research trends. Learn how to use your skills and interests to become a successful entrepreneur. 
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Thriving at Work

Learn how to evaluate whether you are in the right job. Identify and learn how to handle problems that may arise on the job. Learn positive communication methods to use at work and techniques to deal with difficult people. Understand the importance of identifying the employer’s needs and expectations.  
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If you are interested in a workshop that is not offered this month, or if there is a topic you want to learn more about, please contact us with your request.