Symmetry Solutions helps create wage subsidy opportunities for Deaf and hard of hearing people. 

A work experience program assists with the development of work skills and promotes employment opportunities for Deaf and hard of hearing people, while providing employers with access to a diverse talent pool that can bring different experiences, perspectives and talents to their workplace.


What does a wage subsidy program involve?

➤ Working Together
A valuable opportunity to work with a potential pool of skilled workers to meet future labour needs within your organization.

➤ Job Coaching
On-site coaching and support at no additional cost to the employer.

➤ Expectation
The participant will follow the required policies and procedures relevant to the organization. The employer supervises the day-to-day work of the work experience participant.

➤ Recruitment
Screen potential participants for employment positions that will complement your organization.

➤ Duration
The length of a placement can run from 8 to 10 weeks. The participant earns minimum wage or higher.

 Eligible Participants
People with limited or no work experience in their chosen job area and legally entitled to work in Canada.

➤ Outcomes
Enable successful participation in the labour market, expand employment opportunities and improve awareness about Deaf and hard of hearing people.