Symmetry Solutions coaches Deaf and hard of hearing clients to help make their employment positive and successful.

We work with employees and employers to identify technology an employee may need at his or her new job. We help employees develop strategies to understand and execute work tasks. Employees may be coached in communication and problem-solving skills to promote good relations with co-workers and supervisors.

The duration of the coaching is discussed with the employer and varies depending on the requirements. Followup job coaching is offered by email, telephone and VRS.

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A sign language interpreter provides effective communication in some workplace situations, such as job interviews, meetings and training sessions. We can help you book an interpreter. 
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Technology can make a big difference for a Deaf and hard of hearing person in the workplace. We have a wide range of items available and can help evaluate what type of equipment is best suited for your situation. 
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Mediators can help efficiently resolve workplace issues. A neutral mediator creates a framework that ensures an effective process to  discuss issues, clear up misunderstandings, find common ground and ultimately come to an agreement that satisfies both the employer and employee.
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