Symmetry Solutions can help you book an ASL interpreter.

Working with an interpreter is the ideal strategy to communicate with Deaf people who use American Sign Language (ASL) as their first language. A trained interpreter enables effective communication between Deaf and hearing people in a variety of different settings, such as job interviews, meetings, training sessions and other events. Interpreters follow a code of ethics to ensure consumers receive a professional and impartial service.  

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➤ Speak directly to the Deaf person. This is courteous and involves them in the conversation.

➤ The Interpreter will interpret everything that is said from both parties, no information will be omitted.

➤ ASL has a different grammatical structure from English. The interpreter may need to wait for the meaning of the message before they sign it to the Deaf client.

The information discussed is confidential.

➤ Do not ask the interpreter for their personal opinion.

➤ Provide good lighting.

➤ Arrange to take breaks, or have two interpreters. Interpreting can be mentally and physically tiring for both the Deaf client and the Interpreter.


Client Concerns



Symmetry Solutions acknowledges that any client or customer who has a complaint or is dissatisfied with any matter concerning an Interpreter booking shall have the right to lodge the complaint with Symmetry Solutions.

The complaint can be made through:

  • Skype, Text, Email, Phone, Letter, a request for an in person meeting.

Symmetry Solutions will consider and attempt to resolve any such complaints in a timely manner and to the satisfaction of all interested people.

The complaint procedure is in place to allow the people involved in the complaint to contribute their perspective. Throughout the process they will be respected.

The outcome needs to fit the severity of the complaint and most complaints can generally be resolved through discussion and coaching.


 FIRST STEP - Discussion

 Initiated by the client/customer  who has a complaint

The request, which can be made in the medium  of choice, and will be heard without delay and if possible within  5 days

A Step 1 complaint will be heard by the Directors of Symmetry Solutions. 

The actions that can result from Step 1 are:

  • The complaint is resolved to the satisfaction of the client/customer
  • T he Complaint is referred to a Step 2 consultation.

 SECOND STEP - Consultation

The complaint will be investigated by collecting all information relevant to the complaint and the directors of Symmetry Solutions will contact all involved people to verify information.  During the investigation only relevant information will be shared and *confidentiality will be respected and adhered to.

Until sufficient information is collected, the person who is under investigation will not be assigned to other bookings pending the outcome of the investigation.

The results of the investigation will be made known to the people involved in the complaint

  • The complaint is resolved to the satisfaction of the client/customer and the interpreter
  • The complaint is not resolved to the satisfaction of the client/customer and the interpreter because there is insufficient evidence, but the decision is final.
  • Fu rther appropriate action is required.

THIRD STEP - Resolution

Once the complaint investigation is completed, the Directors will meet with the interpreter with whom the complaint has been lodged to review the information found.

The following resolutions will incorporate one or more of the following steps:

  1. The complaint will be referred to ASLIA or AVLIC to complete the Grievance procedure.
  2. Due to insufficient evidence, discussion will take place with the interpreter to discuss strategies to avoid future complaints.
  3. In the situation where the interpreter’s knowledge is limited, mentorship will be recommended in order to build competence.
  4. In the situation where there is sufficient evidence to suggest that a breach has occurred, the interpreter will be removed from the roster pending the outcome of an investigation.
  5. If evidence supports that a breach has occurred, and all other remedies have been unsuccessful, the interpreter will be removed from Symmetry Solutions roster.

 * Confidentiality – in accordance with Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP)