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ACTT was formed in 2013 and is a non profit organization that provides personalized services for accessible training and technology products.

We believe that accessible services are key to success. We offer a wide variety of specialized services that are designed to support and enhance access to training and technology. A unique feature is that all services are accessible to Deaf and hard hearing people.

our mission

ACTT is respectful and professional, supporting customers to meet their needs.

Our Values

ACTT accommodates diversity, respects equality and strives to ensure customers receive a quality and fair service. Through innovation and creativity, we believe there is a way ahead for all customers.

Why we are here

We are here to promote accessible training and technology products for customers and to promote communication support.


➤ Inclusive of hearing, Deaf and hard of hearing people
➤ Employers
➤ Corporations
➤ Community service providers
➤ Public and private Sector