Symmetry Solutions provides employment support to Deaf and hard of hearing communities across Alberta.

Symmetry Solutions has been supporting the career goals of Deaf and hard of hearing people since 2006. We have offices in Calgary and Edmonton.


Sandra Seymour


Sandra is a human resources specialist and trained originally as  a sign language interpreter in the U.K. Sandra has a unique set of skills well-suited to helping people in the Deaf and hard of hearing community meet their career goals.

Sandra has over 20 years of experience working with Deaf and hard of hearing people and is committed to equality of opportunity.


Diane Kreuger


As a career advisor, Diane helps Deaf and hard of hearing people plan their careers, search for jobs and find employment.

Diane is acutely aware of the need to enhance the quality of life for Deaf, Deaf/Blind and hard of hearing individuals within their communities and at home. 

She is passionate about the well-being and communication needs of people with disabilities, particularly in the Deaf community.

Office Manager

Allison Wemyss

Office Manager

Jenni Stevens


Allison has performed a wide variety of administrative and other duties since joining Symmetry Solutions in late 2014.

Always working to overtake the learning curve, Allison communicates with Deaf and hard of hearing clients using text, clear speech and basic finger signing.