Symmetry Solutions fosters employment opportunities and offers career training and support across Alberta.



A sign language interpreter provides effective communication in some workplace situations, such as job interviews, meetings and training sessions. We can help book an interpreter where appropriate. 

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Technology bridges the communication gap between Deaf and hard of hearing people and hearing communities. We have a wide range of equipment available and can help evaluate what best suits your needs. 

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Employer Relations

Symmetry Solutions provides guidance in communicating effectively with your employees. Adopting the most appropriate communication and technology strategies will help the workplace run smoothly. 

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We offer a variety of workshops in Calgary and Edmonton to help Deaf and hard of hearing job seekers achieve their goals. Learn how to write effective resumes, network, job search and be successful in your new career.

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Job Coaching

We work with Deaf and hard of hearing employees at the workplace and identify supports they may need. We coach employees in the use of communication and problem-solving skills with co-workers and supervisors. 

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Work Experience

Work experience programs allow employees to build their work skills and expand their employment opportunities. We develop and provide support for work experience programs in Calgary and Edmonton. 

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What is the Video Relay System?

Video Relay System (VRS) is a form of telecommunication in Canada that enables Deaf and hard of hearing people to easily use the phone.